You are so right, we need to make a shift in the attitude around us. I felt a couple of months of mild depression after my mother died. I thought I would be fine as she did not recognize me the last year or so and I thought I had done my grieving. She also had a good life and was 92 years old. A few months after her death I realized that I wasn’t happy and this was part of a depression. I am now and have always been a happy, glass half full type of person. I really had not been depressed before. This is not to say I didn’t have the usual upsetting situations in my life, I just always felt things would get better.

I went to a counselor that my work paid for and she said I had situational depression. I didn’t need drugs, but I needed to take care of myself. If I didn’t do this I probably would need drugs. I took 6 weeks off work, did restorative yoga, ate well and went on long walks.

Since then I am back to being my normal upbeat person.

I was lucky to have very supportive people (workmates/supervisor and family) around me to make a quick and complete recovery. I realize this is not the type of depression or mental illness you are speaking of, but if we do not speak up when we hear derogatory comments or jokes made of this we are all part of the problem.

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Recently retired Poison Control Specialist. Now writing a murder mystery and blogging about the fun and freedom for those retired and those about to retire.

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