New Improved Racing. I Have a New Style That Let’s Me Win!

Winning at my age is what it’s all about

Lee-Anne Hancock
4 min readOct 1, 2022
Photo by author of herself and her friend Curt crossing the finish line at a Half Corked Wine run.

The most recent half marathon I did was pre-Covid, June 2019, in Winnipeg. I usually do a half-marathon every few years. I ran my first half-marathon when I was 41 years old. Almost 30 years later, I have a new plan.

There is a unique half marathon called the Half Corked Marathon. It takes place in Oliver, BC, one of my province’s most beautiful wine-growing areas.

Before Covid, it was so popular that you had to enter a lottery to just be able to enter the run. I tried for several years to get in, to no avail. This year both my friend and I were successful.

This race involves wineries giving samples of their wines. Why did they call this a marathon? This was just shy of a half marathon, but it involved running up long steep hills.

The run goes up one side of the hill and then back down. It crosses the highway and back up a long slow hill on the otherside before heading down to the finish line. 12 long miles.

These hills are called benches. It’s challenging getting up the hills (at least for me), but when you turn, look down, and see row after row of vines, the beauty is energizing. And oh, the fun.



Lee-Anne Hancock

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