I understand that feeling that it will take forever to get into shape and then you will lose it to age. But honestly Zack, one of the things that I needed to tell myself while trying to lose weight and get into shape is that the time was going by regardless if I did anything or not.

Age really is a number and in the scheme of things you are so young!

I have lost a few (13) pounds in the last year or so and have about 13 more to go. I just came home from running a half marathon in 2 hours and 53 minutes. Not as good as I used to do but hey time waits for no man (or woman). My point is that we all have issues to deal with and some more than others, but start small, maybe at night if that feels better but start.

Think about this 67-year-old woman running her half marathon as you start out and think of the time you have, not the time you don’t have.

Written by

Recently retired Poison Control Specialist. Now writing a murder mystery and blogging about the fun and freedom for those retired and those about to retire.

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