Hi Thomas

I always used to be embarrassed by my mum because she talked to everyone! Everyone was always so happy to engage with her. Maybe it was her interest in other people and what they did and their plans and goals. Once when I was picking up my mum in the city and was waiting for her by the car she approached with a young man (my mum was 90) who was carrying her luggage for her. I had to stay by the car and was kind of scared that maybe he would take her luggage. When they got to the car the young man said he was thrilled by someone who wanted to talk with him and listen to his plans and concerns. He told me how lucky I was to have her as my mother. He put the luggage in my trunk, said goodbye and left. My mum said she had spent the time on the bus talking with ‘such a nice young man’ and was so lucky to have met him.

I learned a lesson that day.

Recently retired Poison Control Specialist. Now writing a murder mystery and blogging about the fun and freedom for those retired and those about to retire.

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