Debbie, I have goosebumps right now. I didn’t have a Leave it to Beaver childhood but grew up in a regular household with a lot of love and without abuse. Usually, when I read your posts I slow down as I like to enjoy the stories you tell even if they aren’t always upbeat. Today, however, I raced through this post and felt sick thinking of all the things you do for everyone. It’s ok to rant once in a while. It gets the anger out and leaves room for more joy.

I really wish we lived closer to one another as I would love to have coffee mornings with you every few weeks. I am sending a short prayer for you, so take care of yourself both physically and mentally and I will see you in the Monday night group next week.

Written by

Recently retired Poison Control Specialist. Now writing a murder mystery and blogging about the fun and freedom for those retired and those about to retire.

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