What a great question Kris. I am looking for a great answer and I think the looking is part of the fun.

I got up this morning and took an hour to catch up on enjoyable reading. I have been saving my Crow's Feet and it is a beautiful, sunny, and bird songed morning in Vancouver BC.

I too am an athlete and try to do half marathons about every 2 years. When I say I am going to a half marathon people usually say which of my sons is running. None do. I am 69 and after retiring I started to learn to write. Covid had other ideas. I was asked to come back to work, so now I work half…

How fun and fast food arrived back in the forties.

Photo taken by authors mum’s friend

My mother had finished the 11th grade in 1937 and because her family, like a lot of others, needed help financially, she never went to grade 12. The only job she was able to get was as a nanny/housekeeper.

Her dream had been to be a nurse but that meant getting her high school diploma. Times were tough and it just wasn’t possible then.

The war broke out in 1939 and they needed welders to make smoke bombs. She volunteered and was sent by train across the country to learn to be a welder. She left Calgary, Alberta, and went…

Lee-Anne Hancock

Recently retired Poison Control Specialist. Now writing a murder mystery and blogging about the fun and freedom for those retired and those about to retire.

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