Not too bad for a grandma either

Unicorn and moose farts on glass dish

Unicorn Farts.

There is something about cookies and squares that mean Christmas. I don’t mean everyday cookies like chocolate chips or peanut butter. I always would bake those types of cookies when school started.

I don’t do a lot of baking now, but once September comes along I still feel…

Gladys (Beth) Audrey Guarascio Dec 2/1920–April 28/2013

Picture of my mother when she was about 90 years old.

The year my mother died she was 92 years old. She had a form of dementia for the previous couple of years that got progressively worse.

By the end, she only recognized me occasionally and for a short period of time. To be honest, it would have helped a little…

Lee-Anne Hancock

Retired Poison Control Specialist. Now writing murder mysteries and blogging about life, family, and the fun of retirement.

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