How to combine them both.

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I think that a lot of people started gardening this year because they had the time and could achieve something.

I love gardens but to be honest, I hate gardening. I know, I know. A lot of people say they can’t wait to get home and get their hands into that soil. They say it is so soothing and therapeutic.

I don’t feel that way. For me, it is just one more thing to do on my to-do list and I usually have to do it in the sun. Ugh!

I do get that same feeling they do by walking…

I’m doing my part but there’s more.

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I‘m back working after being retired for four and a half years. I was asked to come back as a Covid contact investigator due to the pandemic. I said I would not work in a hospital nor would I be out with the public. I didn’t get to be a healthy senior by risking things in my life. I also said I would only work halftime.

Before I retired I worked as a poison specialist. I left over four years ago, and much as I loved it, that world changes at such a fast pace I knew I couldn’t go…

What a great question Kris. I am looking for a great answer and I think the looking is part of the fun.

I got up this morning and took an hour to catch up on enjoyable reading. I have been saving my Crow's Feet and it is a beautiful, sunny, and bird songed morning in Vancouver BC.

I too am an athlete and try to do half marathons about every 2 years. When I say I am going to a half marathon people usually say which of my sons is running. None do. I am 69 and after retiring I started to learn to write. Covid had other ideas. I was asked to come back to work, so now I work half…

Lee-Anne Hancock

Retired Poison Control Specialist. Now writing murder mysteries and blogging about life, family, and the fun of retirement.

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